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Bienvenid@s a mi blog! Mi idioma principal es Inglés, aunque habran muchos posts en Español también.

Because this is a multicultural experience:

Welcome to my blog!

I have been looking for a practical venue where to speak about everything Health and Beauty related, especially in relationship with my current geographical location, Tenerife Canary Islands.

So much to say, so little time….

I want to keep this BLOG real, talking about the concerns of my clients, while already looking for the best possible solutions.

This is about you. About your skin, and about your well-being.

I get tons of questions and concerns, and sometimes even suggestions! Working as a beauty coach really is rewarding, especially when I get to co-create with my clients.

Skincare is very much a team effort, and I just love it when my team mates get awesome results!

So, let’s have some fun. Skincare is all about loving ourselves and who we are.

They say one should start from the inside, and that is true. Think of a lamp inside of a glass container. If the container is dusty, the light will not shine as brightly as it could be! And when you dust it off that doesn’t necessarily change the source, but it gives the light a chance to do the job it was created to do. Shine.

We were all designed to shine.

And it’s all connected to who we are, and who we have the right to be. And skincare to me.. is a way of saying, yes. I understand it’s important to take care of myself, of this vessel. It is part of showing respect and gratitude to the light giver. We should keep our bodies well taken care of (nutrition, exercise, …), infuse our inner selves with positive attitude, love, gratitude, and last, but not least. Give our skin the best care possible and let the inner beauty a chance to fully shine through!



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